Friday, November 21, 2008

青壮部总会(2008年11月23日)开幕词 ‘Young Mr.’ General Meet Opening Speech (Nov 23, 2008)

SGM雪州分会副方面长Steven Chee Hoon Teck

Hello, fellow Comrades, how are you this morning?
I am absolutely delighted that I can be with you here this morning. I know how busy you are. You could choose to do many other things this morning but instead, you have decided to be here with us for the sake of strengthening your faith in the Daishonin’s Buddhism. How wonderful it is. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great efforts for being here and your willingness to share your precious time with each other. It is indeed my good fortune to be with so many of you, ‘Young Mr.’, making an ‘Old Mr.’ like me feeling so much younger this morning.

I sincerely hope that, through your participation in this meeting and your continuous practice, you will be able to take your whole life to a greater height.

Have any of you here ever thought that after taking up faith in Nichiren Buddhism, your life will be smooth sailing and you would never have to face any more problems? The Daishonin teaches that for as long as we are alive, we would face problem in life. There is no amount of chanting in the world that will prevent us from having problems. Then why chant? You may ask. The answer is, we chant to learn how to win over problems, we chant to learn how to never be defeated by any problem that we will encounter in life.

President Ikeda has always says, “In Buddhism, you either win or lose.” There is no middle way. You have a choice in life. What is your? Do you want to be a winner or a loser?

Let us all follow the spirit of our mentor, Ikeda Sensei, challenging obstacles head on and come out as winner at all times. The time has come for us, as the disciple, to be one with our mentor and fight for justice and be victorious in life.

What is the difference between a winner and a loser in life? All winners in life have his problems too. The only difference between a winner and a loser are that, a winner refuses to be defeated by any problems; he keeps his eyes on the goals and he refuses to allow any obstacle to prevent him from achieving his goals. On the other hand, the so called loser or the unsuccessful in life, is one who uses his circumstances as a justification as to why he is unable to do many things in life. Loser always give excuses that he is not good enough to do this or to do that.

Every thing in life has two sides of it, the positive side and the negative side. In Buddhism, we refer them as the enlightenment and fundamental darkness in life respectively. Negativity always holds us back. It is our greatest obstacle. Let us challenge and defeat our negativity or fundamental darkness by bringing out the enlightened side of our life. The question is how can we develop our positive nature?
人生的事情总是有两面:积极,或者消极。从佛法的观点,那就是生命中的“善”(元品法性 、积极)和“恶”(元品无明、消极)。消极的想法总是让我们裹足不前,这是人的最大障碍。让我们一起来跨越内心的消极想法和生命中的“恶”,显现人生的积极和“善”。问题是:如何才能培养出这种积极的精神?

The Daishonin teaches that everyone has the unlimited potential within us. One thing that we must be very clear and understand that having the potential and being able to manifest it are two different things.

Let me give you an analogy on how you can develop your potential in life. All of you have the muscular system within your body. Agree? I am sure you will also agree with me that you have the potential to develop your muscular system further than what you are right now. Yes or not? Now everyone please stand up and do an exercise for a minute. Any exercise that you think you can develop your muscles.

Have anyone been able to develop your muscles? No? This is because you do not have any external stimulant to call out your muscular potential from within you, isn’t it? Just like the ‘Body Builders’, they develop their muscles with the help of weights. The greater the weight they can resist, the greater their muscles will be developed.
有任何一位的肌肉变强了吗?没有?那是因为我们没有外在的刺激来激发出肌肉的潜能,对吗?就好像“Body Builders”(健美系统)是通过体重来发展肌肉系统,任何身体可以抵受的重量都可以发展为强韧的肌肉。

Similarly, in life, you need the ‘weight of life’ to develop your potential. What is this ‘weight of life’ that you need in order to strengthen your life? This so called ‘weight of life’ are the ‘Problems’ that you face in your daily life. The greater the problems that you encounter, the stronger you will become when you defeat these obstacles in life one after another.
人生也一样,我们需要“生活的重量”来协助我们发挥出潜能。这些能够强化人生的“生活的重量” 是什么呢?那就是我们每一天所面对的“难题”。难题越大,跨越过后所获得的力量也更大。胜利的人生就在一次又一次跨越难题而建立起来。

These obstacles can come in many forms. They can appear as your health problems, your financial problems, your family problems, your career problems and so on. All these problems become the stimulants or the catalyst to call forth your innate Buddha wisdom in daily life to enable you to make changes in your life.

You must understand that you can never eliminate negativity from your life. The only thing you can do is to develop your positivity to defeat the evil within you. This is the reason why you need to chant everyday to overcome your negativity as negativity never takes vacation. The act of constantly challenging the negativity has to ‘begin from you’.

Buddhism teaches that environment and we are one. The only way to change your environment is to change your circumstances first. Do not wait for your fundamental darkness to disappear by itself.

Please be convince that you may be facing difficulties right now, you are able to defeat them as long as you have the strong determination to challenge your difficulties through faith, practice and study.

‘Beginning from you’, take action to change your circumstances and the environment around you. Thank you.